Second Leyton Marsh protest against giant Olympic development on green belt land

Around 200 people turned up for a rally against the 12 metre high Olympic basketball development on Leyton Marsh green belt land on Saturday.

The protest was the second in a week organised by the Save Leyton Marsh group against the development in Lea Bridge Road. Opponents expressed shock at the impact the huge trenches dug for the foundations had already made on the land.

“People are frustrated the Lea Valley Regional Authority instead of acting as a guardian of this protected land, offered it to the Olympic Delivery Authority, who in turn did not consult residents,” said organiser, Caroline Day.

“Now they are using public money to dig up green belt land and guard the site with two dog units that have been disturbing locals overnight,” she added.

The group is taking legal action to try and bring a halt to works, and another protest is planned this Saturday at 11am. Everyone is invited to bring food to share for an Eat and Greet Picnic.