Petition launched against plans to overhaul entire Homerton block and erect 17-storey tower

The block which developers want to build a 17-storey towerblock on. Picture: Google maps

The block which developers want to build a 17-storey towerblock on. Picture: Google maps - Credit: Google maps

Opponents of a proposed 17-storey tower block complex in Homerton, which would deliver just 21 per cent affordable housing, have launched a petition.

The London Plan now requires 50pc so-called “affordable housing”, and the council itself requires a 35pc minimum in new developments, but plans put forward by consultants DP9 on behalf of developer Nudo Properties, for almost an entire block between Digby Road Sedgwick Street would deliver far less.

Buildings in situ are currently between two and three storeys and are occupied by people’s homes, car mechanics, vehicle workshops, a storage warehouse, a gym and three industrial units that have been converted to places of worship, of which only one is operational, as well as African wine bar Eko.

DP9 wants to demolish most of what is on site, and over the next three years put up buildings ranging from four to 17 storeys, with five seven-storey blocks, to create 264 flats, along with light industrial, office and retail units.

The application states that Hackney Council planners encouraged the developer to acquire as many “land parcels” within the urban block as possible, so that combined proposals could be developed.

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“The combination of land parcels involving eight separate ownerships brought together as one site now offers a unique opportunity for a comprehensive redevelopment,” it states.

But surrounding residents have started a petition, signed by nearly 200 people, saying the proposals are far too big for the block and that the 17-story building will overshadow flats in Sedgwick Street, denying them access to sunlight.

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Council planners have decided an environmental impact assessment is not necessary.

Speaking anonymously, one person said: “The proposals show a complete overdevelopment of Sedgewick Street.

“The 17-storey tower is far taller than any of the surrounding buildings, including the adjacent housing blocks. It will blight the surrounding residential blocks.

“Out of a total of 243 housing units proposed to be built, only 24 are social housing. In a borough that has a huge shortage of social and affordable housing, this is unacceptable.”

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