Self-combusting laundry warning

Fire engine

Fire engine - Credit: Getty Images

People who fold and put away their laundry while it is too hot have been warned it could burst into flames.

The London Fire Brigade issued the warning after investigators discovered a fire which damaged a flat in Woodmill Road, Upper Clapton, last Thursday, was caused by laundry self-igniting in a hallway cupboard.

The blaze caused damage to the boiler, cupboard and lighting circuits, and luckily no one was inside at the time.

Charlie Pugsley, head of fire investigation at the Brigade, said: “Cotton laundry like aprons, tea towels and cloths can often be contaminated with organic cooking oils that can self-ignite if dried and stored.

“Make sure you do your wash at the right temperature with the appropriate detergent to remove any oil based contaminants.

Also make sure you wait for your laundry to cool down before packing it away and store it in a well ventilated place.”