Sexist builders in Stoke Newington face sack after harassing women

�A group of workmen are facing the sack this week after complaints they subjected women to a daily ordeal of sexual and racial harassment outside Stoke Newington railway station.

Women using the station, and those passing by, have had to run the gauntlet of obscene cat calls and sexually suggestive gestures during the recent warm weather.

Network Rail bosses are believed to have suspended their contract with the company carrying out the work on the station’s forecourt in Stoke Newington High Street, and both have launched investigations.

It follows an investigation by the Gazette, which witnessed the X-rated antics, and coincides with a YouGov study that revealed a staggering 43 per cent of women aged 18-34 were sexually harassed in public spaces in London over the past year.


Shocked commuter John Park, 29, contacted the Gazette after witnessing a woman of south east Asian descent targeted by about 10 Hall Bros Groundwork Ltd workmen, who made sexual and racist remarks.

“As she bravely walked through this rabble, one workman lunged towards her and mimed a sexual attack when her back was turned,” he said. “We all know wolf-whistling goes on but I’d never seen anything approaching this level of abuse by workmen.”

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The following day, an off-duty Gazette photographer was abused.

“They were leering at me and thrusting their hips. It was awful.” said Carmen Valino, 31.

A third victim, Ivana Iados, 32, a gallery assistant, claimed the wokmen made suggestive remarks .

Hall Bros directors held an emergency board meeting and a spokesman said: “Providing the perpetrators can be identified beyond reasonable doubt, then their employment by this company will cease immediately.”

He invited the victims to attend an “identity parade”.

A Network Rail spokeswoman said the company “does not tolerate any of its workforce or contractors behaving in a derogatory way”.