Shoreditch families leaving London for weekend over ‘intolerable noise’ from drunk clubbers

Shoreditch has one of the most vibrant night-time economies in London. Picture: Peter Sigrist (flick

Shoreditch has one of the most vibrant night-time economies in London. Picture: Peter Sigrist ( - Credit: Archant

“Intolerable noise” from drunken partygoers in Shoreditch has got so bad some families have resorted to leaving London for the weekend to get some sleep.

Neighbours said the onslaught lasts from Thursday to Sunday every week and hit out at Hackney Council for the number of alcohol licences it has dished out in recent years.

Nine people wrote to the town hall to object to a bid from Kebab Zero at the bottom of Kingsland Road to sell booze until 4am at the takeaway, and it was subsequently rejected for a third time.

One person said the area is “badly affected by drunks and street chaos should be curbed, not fuelled”. They said the number of licences handed out has “turned a once prospering retail area into a growing slum of a rag tag of tacky bars selling overpriced alcohol to drunks and stag parties.”

They added: “I live with my family and in five years the area has changed from being a balanced area to one you simply can no longer go out at weekends in.

“The noise from drunks goes on all night from Thursday to Sunday and our children cannot sleep. We have resorted on many weekends to leave London and return on Sunday just to allow our family some deep sleep at weekends.”

Another angry neighbour said: “The area is now beyond saturation and is quite simply now out of effective control with the current licensed businesses, and if any further permissions are granted this is frankly going to unleash a further significant amount of more drunk people nightly into the neighbourhood.

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“Kebab Zero is in the middle of a zone saturated beyond breaking point with late-night off licences which take advantage of the lack of control and intervention from the licensing authorities, one of the real problems in the Shoreditch area is the problem of off licence premises providing cheap access to alcohol these irresponsible promotions cause street drinking and pre-loading before going into other venues.”

Despite the takeaway changing its bid, saying it would stop serving alcohol at 11pm, councillors rejected the application on Tuesday last week.

They said: “The committee was not satisfied the licensing objectives would not be undermined if the premises were able to operate as set out in the application.”