Shoreditch kebab shop faces uphill battle in 2am booze bid

Pera in Shoreditch High Street. Picture: Google Maps

Pera in Shoreditch High Street. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A Shoreditch kebab shop’s bid to sell booze until 2am has been met with fury from neighbours.

Pera Restaurant, in Shoreditch High Street, currently sells alcohol until 11am, but bosses want to extend the hours.

The shop is inside the special policy area, where exceptional circumstances are required for a licence to be granted. Police and the town hall licensing teams have both objected to the bid due to the problems with drunk people and anti-social behaviour in the area.

Neighbours have also let rip. One wrote: “This corner is absolutely horrible at night, with the pavement urine soaked, covered in chip and kebab grease, with groups loitering and leaving mess. More booze, even later, will give people even more reason to linger. When I walk my dog every weekend morning it is shocking how much vomit and litter we have to navigate around.”

A decision will be made by councillors on Tuesday.