Shoreditch space company offers Hackney students out-of-this-world opportunity

A Shoreditch-based space technology company is encouraging the borough’s youngsters to reach for the stars with a new university scholarship scheme.

Avanti Communications in Rivington Street is looking for five suitable students – four from low income families – with a flair for science who would like to pursue a career in the UK’s space industry.

The group, which sent its first superfast broadband satellite into space in November last year, is offering to provide successful applicants with an annual bursary of �3,000 to undertake degrees in either astrophysics, astronomy, space science or physics, along with work-experience and mentoring.

Students will receive a six month employment contract with Avanti once they graduate, with the potential of a permanent position afterwards.

David Williams, chief executive of Avanti, said: “We are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit young British engineers with the necessary qualifications.

“The launch of our Space Scholarship Scheme is a direct response to this shortage and is

intended to make a career in the space industry an option for any young person with a

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passion and flair for sciences, regardless of their economic background.”

For further information on Avanti Communications’ Space Scholarship Scheme, go to