Should Hackney Council spend even more public money on Olympic tickets?

Hackney Council is considering whether buy yet another 100 tickets for the Olympic Games – despite already splashing out �27,000 of public funds for 200 tickets.

Earlier this year, LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) offered all 33 London boroughs the opportunity to purchase 100 tickets, with the option of asking for more.

Hackney Council faced criticism at the time for buying more tickets than any other London borough.

At least 13 of London’s 33 councils rejected the offer fearing a backlash from taxpayers, and believed their allocation would be returned to the public pool for general sale.

But the controversy reignited last week, when LOGOC offered another 100 tickets to the six Olympic host boroughs who had brought up all their original allocation.

The council, which has promised to allocate the tickets to the borough’s young sporting high achievers, is still considering the offer.