Skeptics in the Pub comes to Hackney to discuss conspiracy theories and whether sharks get cancer

Ghosts and zombies, conspiracy theories and “The ‘Sharks Don’t Get Cancer’ Myth” are just a few of the hot topics on the agenda for a new monthly “sceptics” discussion group in Hackney.

Skeptics in the Pub is already a thriving institution in several UK cities, and now a couple of science enthusiasts, James Robson and astronomer Alice Sheppard have established a group here.

“Skepticism doesn’t mean cynicism - the word is used as in the Greek word “Skepticos”, which means to inquire or find out,” said Alice.

“The talks are basically about how we can assess evidence when we see extraordinary claims,” she added.

An informal lecture with food, drink and chat takes place on the last Monday of every month at 7.30pm in the Hackney Attic on the top floor of the Hackney Picturehouse in Mare Street.

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