Social club parties are making our lives hell, claim Homerton residents

Beeman's Social Club in Rosina Street, Homerton.

Beeman's Social Club in Rosina Street, Homerton. - Credit: Archant

Poloce and the council are investigating residents’ complaints that all-night raves at an unlicensed social club in Homerton are making their lives hell.

People have complained that up to a hundred people are attending raucous parties at Beeman’s Social Club in Rosina Street.

The parties allegedly start from around 12am at night and go on until 8am in the morning three to four nights a week.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “On Fridays, there’s sometimes parties but Saturdays and Sundays are when it’s extremely bad. Last Saturday there were three parties. There was a wedding that started at 9.30pm, a BBQ which started at 2.30am and another party started from 6pm and went on all night.

“I don’t mind people having a party. The amount of people and noise is extreme I can’t open my windows because of the amount of noise caused by people screaming and shouting. On Sundays, they start parties from 10pm until 8am in the morning.

“Shepherd Lane is jam-packed with cars as everybody double-parks. When people leave, most of them are screeching and screaming and wake everyone up in Brook Limehouse and Bridge House.”

Both the police and the council admitted they had received complaints and met last Thursday to discuss the best way to deal with the venue.

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A Hackney Council spokesman said: “We can confirm that Beeman’s Social Club is an unlicensed premises and the council has received complaints about unsociable behaviour in the building over the last week. “Our community safety team is supporting the police to monitor activity at the location to ensure the appropriate action is taken.”

Responding to the allegations, the proprietor of Beeman’s Social Club, Benjamin Mensah, said the allegations were completely false.

He said that he couldn’t give an exact time that events finished but said activities normally ran until 11pm, 12am and 1am.

He admitted renting out the halls in the club to people who he asked to procure temporary (TENS) licences but would not comment on whether these licences had been obtained.

The property was found to be in breach of fire safety regulations following an investigation by the Fire Brigade, police and the local authority in 2011.