Specials honoured

TWO VOLUNTEER police officers from Hackney were honoured last week at a ceremony at Scotland Yard.

Special Inspector Leonard Stevenson was recognised for his 31 years’ service and Special Constable David Uwaechie for nine years.

Special Inspector Len Stevenson joined the Special Constabulary in 1979.

He has served all of his time in Hackney and has become an integral part of the borough, giving an average of 500 hours of his time to the borough each year, well in excess of the minimum required hours.

Special Constable David Uwaechie, who has been part of the Special Constabulary for nine years, regularly assists with the supervision of new officers, mentoring them when they first come out of training school.

Chief Superintendent Steve Bending, Hackney’s Borough Commander, said, “I am very proud of what Hackney’s Special Constables are achieving.

“All Specials give freely of their time, but to do this over many years is truly remarkable.

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“Both officers are an inspiration to special constables and regular officers alike, and I’m delighted that they have been rewarded for the excellent work that they are doing to keep Hackney safe.”