Spurs boss: Hugo Lloris is ready to lead Tottenham out against West Ham

Mauricio Pochettino says Hugo Lloris is ready to lead Tottenham out against West Ham on Sunday, despite enduring a “very tough two weeks” as the captain of the France national team.

It has been less than a week since the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday night, which were followed by an emotional night at Wembley on Tuesday as England hosted France in a strong show of unity and solidarity.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated that he will assess the mental state of his French players before deciding whether to pick them this weekend.

But, while Pochettino admits Lloris has had to endure a lot during the international break, he is confident his captain and goalkeeper is ready to play in Sunday’s London derby against West Ham at White Hart Lane.

“For him it was a very tough two weeks because he started, before everything that happened in Paris, with the thing about [Karim] Benzema that was exposed in the media, and when you’re captain it’s a big responsibility,” said Pochettino.

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“It was tough for him. But he’s strong, he’s a great man and he has unbelievable personality and character. He’s very sad but he’s strong enough and I think he’s ready to play on Sunday - and he wants to play because it’s the way to pay a tribute to the people and to show respect for everyone.

“I want to send my condolences to all the people in Paris, it was a very sad few days. The French players, the Belgian players, the English players, we all share the same pain for what happened.

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“We’ve spoken a lot about that but the players are in a good condition. The best way to pay a tribute to the families and people of Paris is to do our job, to play, and I think they’re in a good condition to play.

“It’s impossible to put away what happened in Paris but England and France played on Tuesday at Wembley and we need to look forward and we need to be strong - never forget because it’s impossible to forget, but we need to be strong and pay a tribute to all the families, and this is the way we need to take.”

There will be heightened security around this weekend’s Premier League games and Pochettino said: “I think you and us, you know the risks.

“Today in the world it’s a big problem, the terrorists, but you believe and you trust in the police, in the security of the country.”

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