Spurs boss Pochettino explains his new job title after switching from head coach to manager

Mauricio Pochettino says his new job title – manager rather than head coach – will have little bearing on his role at the club.

The Argentine signed a two-year contract extension yesterday (Thursday), and has changed from being Tottenham’s head coach to the manager.

He has previously corrected those who have referred to him as the manager – but now he admits he has effectively been performing that function all along, and says the change in his title will mean little.

“Last season I was head coach, now I’m manager,” he said. “The title, only the club nominates me but in the end it’s the same job.

“When I was head coach I was involved in all aspects of the club and now it’s still the same - only that they want to nominate me manager. I’m happy but it doesn’t change my position in the club.

“I think we are agreed that it would be good, for myself, for the club, for all. It’s true that ‘manager’ is a word that means different things than head coach. Maybe I was always manager, from the first day I arrived here, and maybe it describes my job better.

“I think you know the head coach only manages the team, and only you are the coach - but when you are the head coach you care for different things, not only the team.

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“I think from the first day I always felt I was manager. Now we’ve changed the word but my work continues to be the same.”

Asked if Pochettino is now more involved in transfers, he said: “No, we continue the same. We share the decisions, that’s why we have different departments and always at the end we have [chairman] Daniel Levy to decide the things that will happen here.”

Reflecting on his decision to extend his stay at White Hart Lane until 2021, Pochettino said: “When you see the project of the club and the ambition, you want to stick yourself with the club.

“For me it’s a very important thing to try to help the club to achieve big things in the future, so I’m very grateful – as is all my staff – to the club, to Daniel in particular, for trusting in us.

“This feeling is very important for us and we feel the people like us and the players, the staff, the supporters... I think it’s a good opportunity to create big things and to try to achieve big things in the future.

“I think we’ve shown that we’re ambitious. It’s a different way that you can show ambition and then it’s a different way you can take to get success.

“I think in the last two seasons we show our ambition and it’s not only about money. It’s true that to build a new stadium you need money but to create a good team and fight for titles and trophies it’s not only about money.”Follow me on Twitter @BenPearceSpurs