Spurs Davies is offering a helping hand to elderly neighbours during coronavirus lockdown

Tottenham Hotspur's Ben Davies (left), Steven Bergwijn (right on the floor) and Chelsea's Mason Moun

Tottenham Hotspur's Ben Davies (left), Steven Bergwijn (right on the floor) and Chelsea's Mason Mount (centre) collide while battling for the ball (Pic: Tess Derry/PA) - Credit: PA

Tottenham Hotspur defender Ben Davies revealed it has been ‘very rewarding’ helping out his elderly neighbour during the country’s lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak football has been put on hold and Spurs are training virtually on Zoom to keep themselves fit.

But the Welsh International and his girlfriend have also been focusing on the well-being of an order gentleman who lives next door to them.

“I’ve been quite busy (during the lockdown). I’ve been, I mean both of us, have been looking after an elderly neighbour lately,” the left-back admitted during an interview with NBC.

“We put a letter through his letterbox when this all started and he doesn’t have any family, so we’ve taken a lot of care of him in the last couple of weeks.

“It’s actually been very rewarding. This is someone who perhaps without us wouldn’t know too much about what’s going on right now.

“So we’ve been able to help him out, help him with his food, prep his meals for him and stuff like that. It’s been quite good.”

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With social distancing very much the order of the day, Davies and his girlfriend have been ensuring they keep to the guidelines while still helping their neighbour.

“He’s got quite a nice, big front garden so we drop a few things off for him, have a little chat with him from quite a good distance away and it’s been really nice,” he explained.

“Not just helping him out with that kind of stuff but it’s nice to just keep his mind occupied as well.

“I think he’s used to seeing a lot of people when he goes out and walks to the village.

“Now he doesn’t have that and I think he’s quite grateful we’re there. He’s also quite interested in the fact that I play for Spurs.

“I don’t think he knew that before. It’s not so much the Spurs angle he’s interested in, it’s more the day to day of what we do with the training and whether he could do any of it himself.

“I think, of course, it’s very difficult times, but that feeling of community, that feeling of good will that around at the moment can really go a long way.”

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