Spurs fan accidentally takes control of Bournemouth PA system

A Tottenham fan has taken responsibility after accidentally gaining control of the public address system at Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium during Sunday’s Premier League match and swearing while lambasting the home side’s performance.

With Spurs leading 5-1 late in the game, a male voice appeared on the tannoy and uttered an expletive before describing the second half as “men against boys”.

It initially seemed Bournemouth’s own stadium announcer was to blame, accidentally broadcasting a private conversation to the crowd, who gleefully sang “you’re getting sacked in the morning”.

Bournemouth started an investigation after the match, but it emerged that a Spurs fan, Barnaby Slater, had been responsible.

Slater is the producer of @Spurredontv, which produces Tottenham videos and post-match interviews with supporters for Twitter – and it appears that he accidentally tuned his radio microphone to the same frequency as Bournemouth’s PA system.

In a YouTube video, clearly filmed outside Bournemouth’s stadium with Spurs’ team coach in the background, he explained: “I have to tell you a brilliant story.

“After 85 minutes I left the ground because I had to go and meet my cameraman outside so we could film our fan-cams. What I do is I pick up my microphone and I turn it on, and it’s a radio microphone.

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“After the game when [my friends] came out, they said ‘listen, we just heard your voice on the whole tannoy system’.

“Basically, when I turned the radio on, the frequency must have accidentally been the same as the Bournemouth tannoy, and apparently the whole of the Bournemouth stadium heard me say ‘f***ing hell, it was like men against boys’ – which of course it was, because we beat them 5-1.

“Now it’s all over Twitter that the Bournemouth PA system man said it was men against boys, but actually it wasn’t him, it was me, and I don’t want to get him sacked.

“I just want to say [to the] Bournemouth PA man, it wasn’t you saying that your own team were bad and it was men against boys, it was me and I’m sorry - although quite proud of hearing that my voice was over the whole Bournemouth stadium.”