Stamford Hill blaze was probably accidental

The fire broke out in Stamford Hill. Photo Betzalel Just.

The fire broke out in Stamford Hill. Photo Betzalel Just. - Credit: Archant

A blaze above a Stamford Hill pharmacy is believed to have been started accidentally.

Tenants from the flats above Day Lewis pharmacy were temporary re-housed to nearby hotels following the fire which broke out yesterday at around 3.30pm in Stamford Hill.

Fire fighters initially believed gas cylinders were in the building - which would have exploded when exposed to heat - and quickly set up a hazard zone.

Six fire engines and 35 firefighters and officers spent an hour bringing the fire under control.

It severely damaged the roof of the building, which is surrounded by scaffolding, and caused extensive water damage to the flats and pharmacy.

No one was injured.

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said: “The cause of the fire is initially believed to be accidental in conjunction with some building works that were going on

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“It certainly caught quite a lot of interest on Twitter, we retweeted a number of the photos were sent.

“They are quite startling, you could see the fire punching out of the roof.”