Stamford Hill woman hospitalised after blaze caused by burning incense

A woman’s attempt to freshen her bedroom with fragrant smoke went horribly wrong when the incense granules she was burning caught alight and she had to be taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The victim was led to safety by a builder, who happened to be working in the block of flats in Peppie Close in Stamford Hill, and heard the fire alarm so went to check the woman was alright.

Fire crews said the incense granules had set fire to the plastic bowl they were in, and when the woman tried to throw the contents into a plastic bucket, that caught alight too.

The blaze broke out just after 8.30am last Thursday (May 17) morning, and flames damaged part of the bedroom while the rest of the flat was damaged by smoke.

Firefighters from Stoke Newington Fire Station attended and an ambulance took the woman to hospital so she could be treated for smoke inhalation.