Starbucks deny rumours of store opening on Hackney’s Broadway Market

Rumours that Starbucks was setting up shop in Hackney’s Broadway Market have been categorically denied by the coffee shop giant this week following an online petition.

The petition, which attracted over 2,000 signatures, stated: “We the undersigned are completely opposed to Starbucks’ plans to open in premises they have just acquired on Broadway Market in Hackney.”

But a Starbucks spokesperson said that Starbucks has no plans to open a store in the market.

“We have not had any conversations at all regarding acquiring a site in Broadway,” she said.

Broadway Market manager Alistair Maddox said a major coffee chain made enquiries about properties in the area in the past few weeks but that was all.

He said: “We are always very keen to keep small businesses at the forefront of our area because it keeps money in the area and makes sure local people benefit.”

Traders and residents were worried about the prospect of the US chain moving in.

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Stephane Cusset, owner of La Bouche delicatessen and caf� at number 49, said: “It could be the beginning of the end for the independent vibe of Broadway Market.

“We are all traders who have taken the risk seven, eight or 10 years ago when there wasn’t much going on here.

“We are contributing to Hackney’s development.”

He added: “It is becoming more and more touristy at Broadway Market at the weekends and tourists might just automatically go to Starbucks to get their coffee rather than places like La Bouche.”

Bob Cooke, owner of Cooke’s Pie and Mash shop at 9 Broadway Market, said: “There are quite a lot of coffee shops in Broadway Market anyway.

“I don’t think it would do their trade much good.”

Anna Larkin, a Broadway Market customer for eight years who lives round the corner from it, said: “There isn’t the need for another coffee shop.

“I don’t understand it.

“They are just trying to take advantage of the customer base.”