Start-up of the week: Cousins launch Caribbean pop-up serving family recipe rum punch

Joseph Pilgrim and his cousin Biko Mason

Joseph Pilgrim and his cousin Biko Mason - Credit: Archant

The Gazette hunts high and low each week to bring you news of the most interesting and unusual new businesses in Hackney. This week we speak to a man who’s launched a Caribbean pop-up.

Where better than Hackney to launch a Caribbean-flavoured pop-up bar?

Joseph Pilgrim from Hackney Central and his cousin Biko Mason from Clapton have founded Everybody’s Rumshop and are touring the borough hosting parties.

Joe, 28, got the idea after returning from a holiday to Grenada and sampling the island’s Clarks Court Rum.

“I came back and was like ‘there’s no rum in England like this’,” he said. “So we just decided to do it.”

So far they’ve held four events with up to 200 guests, serving their own family’s secret recipe rum punch with fruit from Ridley Road Market.

“Food, Drink and Music are at the centre of what we do,” continued Joe. “Hackney has such a rich history of Caribbean culture.

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“My grandmother came over when she was in her 20s and set up our family in Dalston.

“We’ve also lived in Tower Hamlets but when we were thinking where to do it Hackney was much more relevant.

“Everybody understands what’s going on and the different generations are all out together.”

On Saturday, Everybody’s Rumshop will be coming to Farley Macallan in Homerton, whose menu has been “restyled” with Caribbean spices.

There’s also more than 70 litres of rum ready to go and three DJs will be spinning island music “like Hackney’s never heard”. Get your tickets (£6) at