Start-up of the week: Shoreditch company brings the corner shop to your home

Hasan Yilmaz in Yours Locally

Hasan Yilmaz in Yours Locally - Credit: Archant

Every week, we take to the streets to find a start-up business right here in Hackney. This week, we discovered a corner shop delivery service.

There will be no more popping to the shop for more beers or a pint of milk if Alchemy Wings takes off.

The Shoreditch start-up is London’s first 24/7 on-demand food and drink delivery service for corner shops and newsagents.

It shouldn’t have too many problems succeeding, either, with backers including Coca Cola, Mars and Heineken.

Founder Sam Martin said: “Corner shops are run by local hero’s - they’re working every hour imaginable, so that if I want a Kit-Kat and a bottle of Merlot at 3am I can have it. They deserve the right to take on the big super markets on their own terms - and they’re going to win.”

The company launched last year and has 50 stores signed up, including Yours Locally in Kingsland Road. Owner Hasan Yilmaz said: “I’ve been giving locals what they want for decades, this enables us to do it for decades more.”

Check out Alchemy Wings here.