Steve Allen: A mask under your chin is pointless

Shoppers wearing face masks outside a Sainsbury's store in south east London. Supermarkets are being

Steve Allen says there are some people who think that wearing a mask to protect other people is too much effort for them - Credit: PA

Two is better than one. That’s often true unless you’re talking about something like a broken arm.

It is therefore not surprising to hear that experts have found wearing two masks at once is better than one. It makes a lot of sense to me.

I see many people with a mask on but they have it under their chin. So if they wore a second one there’s a chance it might actually land in the right place and cover their nose and mouth.

Wearing a mask under your chin is pointless. It’s like only applying sun cream under your Speedos.

A chin hammock wearer is worse than someone with no mask at all. There are some valid but rare reasons why someone truly cannot wear a face mask and it is right that those people are exempt from the rules. If someone has a mask on their chin, they own one and can wear one. They’re choosing to stick their breathing parts out.

I have a theory that you can tell who is actually unable to wear a mask; it is the people who are contrite about it. Whereas the loud person who has their camera-phone out filming themselves ranting about the Magna Carta in the middle of a Tesco is probably refusing to wear a mask for effect.

I’m not sure this research will make a difference. There are some who think that wearing a mask to protect other people is too much effort for them. They have already made up their minds and they have found the YouTube videos to back up their point.

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So, I will keep wearing my mask, not just to protect other people, but so that I can mutter insults at those I see with their chin warmer and they won’t know where it’s coming from.

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