'I'm appalled at no-show bookings as pubs reopen'

File photo dated 17/10/20 of drinkers outside a pub in Soho, London. A pint at the pub is finally a

Pubs with outdoor seating have reopened their doors - Credit: PA Images

We’re free! Well, freer than we were. We’re basically not free but we can spend some of our time being not free stood outside a pub now. Yay.

The third lockdown felt harder than the first one. At the start we had the novelty of it all but the most recent lockdown dragged on. We had already watched all the good TV box sets and learned that we didn’t enjoy baking the first time.

I think that’s why we were so excited about the pubs opening again. People were queuing up to get in the hostelries that opened at midnight on the 12th.

I know that makes us sound desperate - until you realise people do the same for a new iPhone or a Harry Potter book, so the bar is set low.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen's mood is lifting as lockdown eases - Credit: Steve Allen

Given that so many of us have talked about the thirst we had built up I was appalled to see how many pub and restaurant owners said people who booked in didn’t show up.

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All that moaning and complaining about the lack of freedoms and as soon as we get one back some people think “nah, I’ll stay in and watch Netflix,” as if they hadn’t done that everyday since March 2020.

Why would you book to go somewhere and then cancel? Are we all agoraphobics now? Do people not care about the struggling venues making ends meet?

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I heard a theory that some people would make multiple bookings and decide where they wanted to go on the day. In doing that, they hurt the business and stop others from having a night out.

If I hear someone in a pub say they have done that I’d offer to take them outside. Seeing as we’d already be outside and have to stay two metres apart, they won’t even notice.

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