Stoke Newington-based cruise ship singer stars on reality TV show Showboaters

A Stoke Newington-based cruise ship singer is setting sail for success on a new reality television show.

Marc Stagg, 23, will be appearing as a mentor on Sky1HD’s ‘Showboaters’, on Sunday evenings.

It follows 10 amateur entertainers battle it out on board cruise liner The Dream for the chance to win a contract the ship’s entertainment troupe as they gets ready to tour the Caribbean.

Marc, who comes from Australia but now lives in Manor Road, has performed at the Sydney Opera House as a classically trained baritone - but describes working on a cruise ship as “one of the most rewarding jobs of my life”.

“To live in a hotel that sails to a different country everyday, that in itself is a dream,” he said.

“But to be able to sing and perform to packed audiences every night. What more could you want?”

The final of Showboaters will be aired on November 6.