Stoke Newington environmental champion left fuming after being fined for parking next to bike rack he campaigned for

Alex Kennedy by his bike storage unit

Alex Kennedy by his bike storage unit - Credit: Archant

An environmental champion is fuming after he was fined for parking his car in a bay next to a newly installed bike rack that he had campaigned for.

Alex Kennedy, 36, of Beatty Road, gathered enough support in his street to get Hackney Council to approve funding for a cycle hangar, which was set up last month.

Parking was suspended for the work but after it was completed Mr Kennedy left his car in one of the bays for loading. He thought the restrictions were no longer in place.

He was horrified to be issued with a £130 parking ticket by a warden. Despite an appeal he has been told he has to cough up the cash.

The father-of-one, who organised for trees to be planted on his street in 2009, labelled the move “bureaucracy gone mad”.

He said: “I was tremendously excited. It felt like I had worked with the council and the council was my friend. I campaigned tirelessly for months to get the hangar. I did the same to get trees planted on the street.

“I essentially shot myself in the foot. I had no problem with the attendant who was doing his job. I was preparing to go away for the weekend and needed to load the car. I knew the job was finished and restrictions were no longer needed. I would not have parked there knowing the installation had not happened.

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“I had to load a fish tank to take to my daughter’s nursery which is why I could not carry it halfway down the road.

“Now I feel livid. It ruined my weekend. I feel it’s bureaucracy gone mad. They should see there’s a reason. Why should I pay £130 for such a simple mistake? Parking permits for a year cost £110. The fine is in excess of my parking permit.

“I’m disappointed in the council for not being able to use their brains.”

A Hackney Council spokesman said residents living at numbers 20 to 24 had six days’ notice of the suspension.

He added: “The penalty notice was issued correctly during the period of the suspension. Anyone who receives a parking penalty notice can appeal it.”