This week in history: Stoke Newington estate agent’s murder remains unsolved - 30 years on

The Gazette 30 years ago

The Gazette 30 years ago - Credit: Archant

An estate agent was shot dead in his own office in Stoke Newington - and 30 years on his murder remains unsolved.

Lionel Webb, 38, was killed with a single shotgun blast at the HQ of Greenvale estate agency in Evering Road.

The front of the office was open, and police believed the victim may have arranged to meet his killer.

At the time forensic experts were combing the building for clues to the murder, and it was hoped shotgun pellets removed from the wall could give a vital lead on the gun used.

Detectives piecing together Mr Webb’s final hours discovered an acquaintance had seen him minutes before his death when she passed by his window.

Shortly afterwards she returned to find him slumped against the back wall.”

Apparently he was later found to have bought a house in the name of his girlfriend without telling her, and drugs were found stored in the office safe.