Stoke Newington gal on album with Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Jesse J and 50 Cent

A Stoke Newington singer is hoping to reach the big time, after getting her track on an album along with divas like Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Jesse J.

Since Wyen Solo got an agent and record label a year ago, the 22-year old’s life has been a whirlwind, with radio interviews and performances all around London promoting her single Smile, which featured on Universal Records’ R&B Love Songs 2011.

“It was in HMV and Sainsbury’s and that was crazy in itself because it was just little old me starting out, and I’m on this CD with really massive artists,” said Wyen who lives in Church Street.

“When I saw the ad to say it was out officially, I was in my bedroom screaming - I’m a huge 50 Cent fan and I’m on a CD with an artist I think is so amazing,” she added.

“I’ve had a normal life, I’ve worked in pubs in Stoke Newington proudly, now I’m on a CD with well-known divas.”

Wyen was born in London and grew up in Yorkshire, but asked her mum Magdelena Farrell to return to London with her when she was 16 so she could pursue her singing ambitions.

“My mum left a lot behind so I could come here and sing - her grandchildren, her beauty business, everything.

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“We had a normal happy lifestyle, but I wanted that cheesy running away to the big city to become a big star, and she literally shut up shop overnight, and missed out on a lot of things, I can’t stress that enough. That’s why I have worked so hard.”

Wyen will showcase her songs on Friday May 27 at the Mascara Bar, 72 Stamford Hill. Her second single is now out and on the R&B Collection Summer 2011 album.