General Election: What did Stoke Newington make of the national result?

People in Stoke Newington gave their views on the election result: (clockwise from left) designer Se

People in Stoke Newington gave their views on the election result: (clockwise from left) designer Seraphina Davis, chocolatier Tim and musician Simon Mason. Pictures: Freya Pickford - Credit: Freya Pickford

‘Appalled’ and ‘completely unsurprised’ were just two of the reactions when the Gazette asked some people in Stoke Newington what they made of the Tory landslide.

Diane Abbott retained her seat in Hackney North and Stoke Newington with a massive 39,972 - a 70.3 per cent vote share - but the national picture was not so good for the Labour Party.

Seraphina Davis, 37 from Clapton, is a fashion designer with her label Nancy Dee, said she is "extremely disappointed".

"I was really hoping things would change and now I just feel like they're not going to," she said.

"In London you live in a bubble and I really thought Labour would be in with a chance but I think Jeremy Corbyn went too far left and alienated a lot of people.

"I'm terrified for the NHS and the idea of it being privatised is horrifying.

"I've been ill before in America and healthcare is insanely expensive.

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"For someone who is self employed and doesn't have a big company backing me with private health insurance, I'm really worried."

Ros Jerram, from Newington Green, a manager at female genital mutilation

charity Dahlia Project, said:: "I'm completely devastated, I feel appalled that the conservatives won by such a huge majority.

"I found it incredibly difficult to know who to vote for in this election and felt uncomfortable voting for Jeremy Corbyn because of the antisemitism stuff.

"Suddenly we've gone back to the years of an Etonian government.

"It seems that we're going backwards and not forward."

The Conservatives received 11.9% of the total vote share for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, with 6,784 votes, making them the second most popular party in the constituency.

Anaisha Allen, from Clapton, said: "What concerns me most is the immigration stuff. The fact that our leaders are pushing that to happen and then people feel that's okay - it's worrying."

Simon Mason, a musician from Stamford Hill, said: "I'm completely unsurprised. The very fact there was even a debate around who would be the next prime minister given the state we're in.

"I'm disappointed that people are so easily convinced."

Tim, a chocolatier from Stoke Newington, who has lived in the borough for 25 years, said: "I thought this would be the case but I was hoping something would happen whereby Britain wouldn't leave the EU.

"Brexit is an act of self-harm to the UK."

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