Stoke Newington GP surgery shutting down due to ‘demands of NHS bosses’

Dr Luke Salih outside the Abney House Medical Centre during a row over a burger van that was set up

Dr Luke Salih outside the Abney House Medical Centre during a row over a burger van that was set up directly outside. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

A Stoke Newington GP surgery is shutting down because the doctor says he is sick and tired of the demands of local NHS chiefs.

Abney House Medical Centre

Abney House Medical Centre - Credit: Roy Chacko

Abney House Medical Centre on Defoe Road will close in October because Dr Luke Salih is fed up with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which he says is forcing him to do things outside of patient care.

He said: "I am resigning because of a complete inability to find staff to take my place while the CCG has me running around going to silly meetings."

Patients of Abney House Medical Centre received a notice this week that the surgery will close on October 20, advising them to register with a new GP.

Chair of City and Hackney CCG Dr Mark Rickets said: "Although the CCG and the local GP Confederation has provided assistance and support to Dr Salih, he has been unable to resolve a number of staffing and premises issues which has resulted in Abney House Medical Centre permanently closing on October 20.

"Following a review, we concluded that the current patient list was too small to advertise for a new provider and due to the lease on the premises expiring, this was unfortunately not an option anyway."

The CCG said Abney House's 2,700 patients will need to register with one of the 15 GP practices located within a one mile radius.

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The CCG notified the neighbouring GP practices and said they have the capacity to see to Abney House's patients without impacting patient outcomes.

Dr Rickets added: "We have already put a range of measures in place to ensure that the impact on patients will be kept to a minimum, including liaising with local community groups such as Derman to support Turkish speaking individuals.

Once patients are registered with a new practice, medical records will be transferred electronically and vulnerable patients will be offered additional support if needed.

The centre will be holding two meetings on Thursday where patients can find out more information on the upcoming closure.

The Gazette last reported on the surgery in October when they had a row with a burger van that set up shop outside their doors.

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