Stoke Newington residents in uproar over Foxton’s estate agents moving in

How the new Foxton's estate agents will look on Stoke Newington Church Street

How the new Foxton's estate agents will look on Stoke Newington Church Street - Credit: Archant

Residents are up in arms over the controversial opening of a Foxton’s estate agents.

It is due to open next month in Stoke Newington Church Street after submitting three different applications to the town hall.

Residents are concerned about “bright lights” in the conservation area, similar to those seen at the Mare Street branch,

Foxton’s says its “eye-catching design” helps to provide a better service and a more comfortable one-to-one experience.

Liz Vater, director of Stokey Literature Festival, said: “It was probably inevitable that Stoke Newington was next on Foxtons’ rampaging expansion plan.”

Local campaigner Nick Perry said: “Estate agents are rarely seen as a popular incursion to a high street, especially one as specialist and independent as Stoke Newington Church Street, but Foxton’s, with it’s brash, aggressive approach, and a shop design to match, couldn’t have been less welcome.”

The building was previously occupied by Mexican restaurant Mercado.

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Ms Vater added: “What makes Stoke Newington such a great place to live is its diversity – people who were born here and grew up here plus people who’ve been attracted here by a very mixed and vibrant community of small businesses, local enterprise and great schools and libraries.’’

Nic Budden, chief operating officer at Foxton’s, said: “We have enjoyed operating in these areas for a number of years from our neighbouring offices, but now with a new office on their doorstep we look forward to playing an even more active role in the local community.”