Stoke Newington road closures row rumbles on as air quality group’s FOI reveals pollution levels

The campaigners staged a protest outside William Patten school earlier this year.

The campaigners staged a protest outside William Patten school earlier this year. - Credit: Archant

Air quality campaigners fighting plans to close Stoke Newington roads to cars because diverted traffic would pass their kids’ school say pollution is already over the limit there.

The town hall wants to close Walford, Beatty, Brighton and Barbauld Roads and send vehicles along Church Street.

William Patten, which is in Church Street, is already one of the most polluted in London and parents feel the plans would only add to the problem.

A Freedom of Information request for the monitoring stats has now revealed pollution levels at four schools in the area are over the EU average limit of 40 micrograms of N02 per cubic meter.

Campaigner Lucy Harbor said: “Hackney’s monitoring reveals staggering levels of pollution outside the schools. If the proposed closures go ahead, traffic could be increased by up to 30 per cent on Church Street – increasing congestion and adding pollution by schools that are already illegally polluted.”

Hackney council again disagreed with the campaigners. Neighbourhoods director Kim Wright said: “We recognise these concerns and have already made a statement that no decision will be made until we have the full analysis of the consultation responses and the potential impacts on traffic and air quality.

“The monitoring completed so far supports our assertion that air pollution levels at William Patten meet national air quality objectives and are not illegal.

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“Once we have the final results we will be able to conclude whether or not any of the proposals would be likely to cause air quality objectives to be exceeded.”