A Brexit deal, Stoke Newington style: Pizzeria pledges 25% off for anyone who writes to their MP backing second referendum

Pizzeria Apollo owner Oliver Kenny. Picture: Carlie Porterfield

Pizzeria Apollo owner Oliver Kenny. Picture: Carlie Porterfield - Credit: Archant

A Stoke Newington pizza shop is offering 25 per cent off the bill for anyone who writes to their MP backing a second Brexit vote.

All Pizzeria Apollo customers have to do is bring in a copy of a letter or email to their MP expressing support for a fresh poll.

The promotion at the Stoke Newington High Street restaurant begins today and lasts until a second referendum is called. If that doesn’t happen, the offer will expire at the end of March as a backstop.

It comes after the government’s repeated failure to negotiate a Brexit deal that pleases Parliament. A crunch vote on the latest proposals will take place tomorrow, having been delayed at the last minute in December because it looked like MPs on both sides of the chamber would (deep) pan it.

“We wanted to do something positive, not something negative,” owner Oliver Kenny told the Gazette. “Our tiny little pizzeria in Hackney should do our bit to positively say what we think is the best thing to do.”

Like 78 per cent of people in the Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency, Oliver himself voted to stay in the EU. Leaving the European Union, deal or no deal, would mean “nothing good” for small restaurant businesses in London, he said.

Pizzeria Apollo relies heavily on Italian imports. Of all the menu items, the classic margherita pizza may be the most threatened by leaving the EU: all the ingredients are imported from Italy, except for the locally-sourced basil on top.

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“Going into 2019, we have no idea what’s going on,” said Oliver, 32, “and there’s no indication from Parliament that they have any idea what’s going on.

“So my view is that the faster it gets referred back the electorate, the better.”

Like leaving the single market, the deal has its conditions. The discount doesn’t apply on Friday or Saturday. Claimants must eat in, and purchase two items – one of which must be a pizza – to qualify.

“We generally don’t offer promotions like this,” said Oliver, “so it’s a fun way to encourage people to get engaged.”