Stoke Newington vertigo-sufferer abseils 500 feet for charity

Despite suffering from vertigo, a Stoke Newington hostel worker took the plunge and abseiled 500 feet from London’s tallest abseilable building to raise money for charity.

Melissa Houghton who lives in Burma Court, off Green Lanes did the stunt off Guy’s Hospital Tower by London Bridge last Saturday (May 14) to raise money for homelessness charity St Mungo’s where she works as a key worker in a hostel for vulnerable and homeless women.

“It was a bit scary as it was windy and nearly blew me round the other side of the tower, I just tried to not look up or down, but I had no choice at one point though as the wind blew me round 360 degrees,” said Melissa.

“There were glass windows I bumped in to on the way down due to the wind, I was almost tempted to ask for a cup of sugar or do a Spiderman impression if I saw anyone in there,” she joked.

It is also one of the last chances to do the iconic challenge as Guy’s undergoes renovation work in June, putting the building out of action for at least two years.

Mainly based in London and the South, St Mungo’s runs emergency services, supports homeless people in their recovery, and works to prevent homelessness.

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