Stoke Newington woman upset after losing her fight to save dog from being put down

Baily is due to be put down any day now after his owner lost her appeal to save his life

Baily is due to be put down any day now after his owner lost her appeal to save his life - Credit: Archant

Nearly 18,000 people have signed a petition to save a dog which has been on death row for over a year after biting a jogger.

Jackie Omand, 51, of Benthal Road, Stoke Newington, has appealed eight times to have her dog Bailey, 12, released from dog kennels where he has been held since last January for “nipping” a jogger in Springfield Park, Clapton.

But she has been left distraught after the final appeal hearing on January 17 spelled the end of the road for her four legged “best friend”, who is now due to be put down any day.

The heartbroken woman, who is not allowed to visit Bailey and does not know where he is kept, pops into Stoke Newington Police station every day to find out how he is.

Ms Omand said: “I had him for 10 years before he was taken last January. I don’t think it’s right what they’ve done to Bailey.

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“He’s got arthritis. He’s a gentle old man.

“I’ve spoken to kennel staff. I think they’ve been treating him really well.

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“I’ve been told all the kennel staff have fallen in love with him.”

Bailey, a Stafforshire bull terrier and whippet cross, was taken in by police in January last year after a jogger reported him for biting her in November 2011.

Ms Omand, who works in catering, recalled the incident, saying: “The jogger shouted: “Control your dog” and I put out my arm to grab him.

“That’s when he nipped her. He’s very protective.”

Ms Omand, who adopted the brown mongrel when he was 18 months old, added: “I suffer from severe depression.

“When I first got him, he got me out of the house. I would go out every day everywhere with Bailey. He saved my life really.

“ He’s my best friend. He is like my son. He’s my companion and he does not judge me. I don’t want this to happen to any other dog.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The dog was seized following an incident where the dog bit a member of the public whilst not muzzled as per the previous court order.


“The owner had a defence expert look at the behaviour of the dog on March 14, 2012 and following this report entered a guilty plea at her court appearance.

“The owners solicitor appealed against the destruction order. This appeal was heard at Snaresbrook Crown Court and the appeal was dismissed, the Magistrates Court destruction order was upheld.”

It is understood that the police kennels will provide photographs of Bailey before his death and will return his ashes to the owner.

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