Take part in the Hackney Wildlife Survey to influence planning decisions

Hackney residents are being encouraged to report wildlife sightings, and the findings will help planners making decisions on new developments.

The Hackney Biodiversity Partnership has launched an online Hackney Wildlife Survey to better understand the borough’s wildlife.

David Mooney, from the London Wildlife Trust said “Hackney has some incredible wildlife.

“There are Tawny owls in Abney Park Cemetery and even grass snakes around Stoke Newington East Reservoir, if you’re on the look out, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.”

To take part, record sightings of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians at www.hackney.gov.uk/recording-wildlife-in-hackney.htm

The information is being used in partnership with GiGL (Green space Information for Greater London) to build a picture of where different species live.