Tech City: ‘Unique’ tech lights way for cycle safety

WingLights work like indicators used by motorists

WingLights work like indicators used by motorists - Credit: Archant

A Tech City start-up has promised a “completely unique” product to help keep cyclists safe in London and aims to go global with the offering.

Simon, Luca and Agostini

Simon, Luca and Agostini - Credit: Archant

Cycl, based in the Google Campus in Bonhill Street, has launched high-visibility LED lights which cyclists can flash when turning or changing lanes – in the same way motorists use their indicators.

This ensures they can be seen from the front, rear and side, in all weather conditions.

Co-Founder Luca Amaduzzi, 29, said: “Basically, WingLights are direction indicators for bicycles which can be attached next to the handle bar. You simply tap while you are going and once your leave your bike, they are magnetically attached, so you can remove the lights – the actual expensive part “They close magnetically into a key ring which makes it really easy to store.”

Luca and co-founders Agostini Stilli, 29, and Simon Bardrick, 40, saw the gap in the market after realising there was no affordable and portable product to support cyclists while using hand signals.

Luca said: “About one year ago, we were starting to cycle around London and it was the weeks where there were a lot of cycling accidents. We didn’t feel secure not having indicators and we really felt that was missing.

“Using just our hands felt awkward and we were always afraid drivers wouldn’t see us. We noticed drivers weren’t really paying attention and we couldn’t find a solution so we decided to build WingLights.”

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After using the lights on the road, Luca said he felt more secure – a sentiment echoed by cyclist friends who also tested WingLights.

The company came up with the contemporary design due to their combined backgrounds in engineering and science.

Luca said: “My business partner, Agostini, has a PHD in robotics engineering and before that, mechanical engineering and I am a Master in science innovation so we had some design basis.

“We were focusing a lot in the user experience so the product has become something really nice.”

Luca praised the UK Trade and Investment’s Sirius Programme, a global graduate entrepreneur’s programme, which helped the start-up get on its feet.

He said: “That was so important. We were selected for the programme and it is supporting us financially so we can concentrate and focus on our work and product and not worry about secondary jobs.

He added: “Working in Tech City is amazing. We are in the Google Campus and just in our office there are 15 innovative start-ups which is really useful.

“Very often when you are new to something, there is stuff you aren’t sure about. Being in an environment with a lot of other people you always find somebody that has the answer.”

WingLights are now on sale at