TfL road markings blunder causes confusion in Stamford Hill

Motorists were left scratching their heads after an oversight by Transport for London (TfL) laid road markings leading into a traffic island.

The mix-up happened after TfL removed the traffic island at the junction between Seven Sisters Road and Amhurst Park in Stamford Hill, and put in temporary road markings just before Christmas while they were carrying out road works.

Workmen replaced the traffic island but forgot to remove the road markings on New Year’s Eve, leaving motorists open to both confusion and accidents.

The problem was also compounded by a ‘new road layout’ sign directly before the incorrect road markings in Seven Sisters Road that had nothing to do with the works.

Motorist Paul Wood, 52, of Harlow, Essex, said: “I was driving along on New Year’s morning and towards Manor House.

“At the junction with the Amhurst Park, I saw a new road layout which was asking me to bear left. I began to follow the instructions and realised it was going to take me straight into a traffic island.

“I realised and corrected my path which was back on to the normal part of the road.

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“Three metres on there was another road marking asking me to turn left. That would have taken me onto oncoming traffic on Amhurst Park.

“I was confused as to what was going on and why these road markings were on the road and who put them there.”

Mr Wood, who grew up on Seven Sisters Road, said: “It was confusing. The possibility for an accident to be caused was evident and I’ll be surprised if there were no accidents. Having local knowledge probably saved me from hitting the traffic island.”

The road markings were removed last Wednesday.

Dana Skelley, director of roads at TfL said: “These temporary road markings, which were in place while essential bridge waterproofing was carried out, should have been removed on completion of the works. They were removed and replaced by our highway contractor on January 3 and we apologise for any confusion caused by this mistake.”