The Dogeared Collective at Highbury’s Hen and Chickens on Sunday

Dalston-based off-beat comedy comedy group showcase their new material in Highbury

Dogs on show features sketches from The Dog-Eared Collective quartet - Kathryn Hanke, James Huntington, Joanna Hutt and Jenny Thomson – who all like to bask in the “joyous silliness of life.”

Prepare to be carried on the cape-tails of a Diddy Man Vigilante, cue up for Snooker: The Musical, and gatecrash a live shotgun wedding.

“Anything we parody is a celebration of the things we find ridiculous in life, but we don’t do sarcasm, we want to give our audience a sense of being uplifted,” said Kathryn.

“In our last show we had extreme Morris dancing, where we danced with dynamite and knives, we think that kind of material makes us larger than life, and that is what our audience come back for,” she added.

Dogs on Show can be seen in the upstairs theatre at the Hen and Chickens pub, 109 St Paul’s Road, Highbury Corner on Sunday March 20 at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost �6 or �5 concessions and can be bought at