There With You: Send us your NHS tributes and thankyous

The Clap For Our Carers campaign sees the public give a national round of applause for NHS staff eve

The Clap For Our Carers campaign sees the public give a national round of applause for NHS staff every week. Picture: Holly Chant - Credit: Holly Chant

The overwhelming gratitude we all feel for our brave NHS heroes and other key workers is reflected in the thunderous applause and clamour of pots and pans resonating throughout Hackney every Thursday night at 8pm.

It is also seen in the lockdown charity fundraisers, the rainbow trails through streets, our There With You campaign and the messages of support which fill pages of social media sites.

We want to offer readers a chance to say a personal thank you, with pictures and videos of the NHS weekly applause and any other ways people are paying tribute to workers on the frontline.

We will then compile all your declarations of appreciation and support for publication in both our print editions and online.

Send us your NHS thank yous as landscape video clips or photo messages, together will full details of who is featured, to

You may also want to watch:

Please identify your name in the video message and where you are from and if possible, keep any video submissions to about 10 seconds or less.

For the latest coronavirus news from Hackney and across London follow our live blog here, visit our corona virus page, or join our Facebook group here.

Or to find more groups, networks and organisations like this in Hackney providing support during the Coronavirus lockdown visit our There With You Essential List.

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