This week 30 years ago: Finsbury Park man acquitted after trying to stop Tube tragedy vows to sue police

The Hackney Gazette August 12, 1988.

The Hackney Gazette August 12, 1988. - Credit: Archant

A commuter who was arrested for trying to prevent a potential Tube tragedy walked free from court and vowed to sue the police who put him in the cells.

Film producer Christopher Sutton, of Finsbury Park, had sprung into action during a congested rush-hour at Oxford Circus station. With just two ticket barriers open, people were toppling over in the squash on the escalator and he had feared a young mother and her baby could be crushed.

But his disaster warnings were ignored and he was arrested – sparking a huge protest outside the station in the aftermath.

A magistrate dropped the charges of disorderly behaviour and instead praised Mr Sutton. Audrey Jennings said: “It’s a great relief to know that people like you are still about.

“I’m surprised [station manager] Mr Feathers got his feathers ruffled so easily.”

Mr Sutton said afterwards: “I tried to prevent another King’s Cross disaster and they treated me like dirt.”