This week in history: Ghostbusters swoop on Homerton’s Sutton House to exorcise evil ghost ‘Walter Scott’

The Gazette 30 years ago

The Gazette 30 years ago - Credit: Archant

A team of festive ghostbusters swooped on Hackney’s oldest building for a spooky exorcism.

The circle of mediums, including a “trance medium” who acts as a communication link, claimed to have spoken to numerous spirits at Sutton House in Homerton High Street this week 30 years ago.

The White Lady, Lady in Blue and her Frenchman husband had apparently made their presences known, along with an evil ghost calling himself Walter Scott who stated he was the “boss” of the building.

Ken Jacobs, treasurer of the Sutton House Society, called in the mediums after reports of ghostly goings-on, including a caretaker’s sighting of a woman gliding across a bedroom ceiling and a dog terrified by a “presence” in the kitchen.

Architect Kate Drew, who was staying in the house to complete a feasibility study. was spooked to hear screaming and moaning as an exorcism took place: “I thought it was someone being mugged outside but I realised the noise was wafting up the stairs from the chapel,” she said.