This week in history: Hackney Tory councillor hits out at Labour counterpart over Strontium 90 radiation concerns

The Gazette 60 years ago

The Gazette 60 years ago - Credit: Archant

Stoke Newington’s Labour Cllr Hugh Brock expressed concerns that Strontium 90 - a by-product of H Bomb explosions - could cause bone cancer and leukaemia.

His questions about the amount of the radioactive substance likely to be found in drinking water at a meeting of Stoke Newington Council brought him into conflict with the Tory councillor BRC Cordel. He asked how much Strontium 90 might be absorbed by a child in a pint of water a day.

Cllr Cordel protested his questions should have been made at the beginning of the meeting and were therefore out of order and in contempt.

When he was given answers, Cllr Cordel retorted: “Now what does this all mean? What is it all about? Is this some subterfuge of professional pacifism? “November is for me a month of painful memories, particularly one day in November.”