Traditional East End funeral mock up on Haggerston Estate this Saturday

Donkey from Hackney City Farm will draw the cart and singer Olivia Chaney will perform classic Cockney tune.

A mocked up traditional East End funeral procession will take place this Saturday as part of an artistic project about regeneration. Travelling from the old Haggerston estate to the new one, singer Olivia Chaney will perform the Cockney classic “If it wasn’t for the ‘ouses in between” and will be followed by a donkey-drawn cart and a scaffolding sculpture carried aloft by pallbearers.

Artist and organiser Andrea Zimmerman said: “Half of the old estate is still standing and half of the new one is still up, I want to show it’s not an end but a continuation, because some of the names are being carried over - Pamela Block is becoming Pamela Street for example.

“I want to show that if people look hard enough they will find continuation.”

Anyone who wishes to join in should meet at the court yard inside the Haggerston Estate off Dunston Road on Saturday March 16 at 11am. Every participant will be sent a photo of the event afterwards.