Traffic warden parked on double yellows in Dalston while dishing out ticket causes fury

A CCTV car parked on double yellow lines has got some residents furious

A CCTV car parked on double yellow lines has got some residents furious - Credit: Archant

A traffic warden has caused fury by parking on double yellow lines and dishing out tickets to unsuspecting drivers.

The CCTV-fitted Hackney Council car has been “lurking” in the same spot in Cecilia Road, Dalston, for two years according to one resident, filming motorists and slapping them with Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) of up to £130.

The town hall says they have to park on the double yellows to monitor what it says is a dangerous junction. But residents and motoring groups say it’s hypocrisy.

Adam Cox, who lives in nearby Graham Road, said: “It’s shocking.

“The car has been lurking there for the last two years, basically spying on motorists trying catch them out.

“Why are they allowed to break traffic laws in order to fine other people for breaking traffic laws? It’s ridiculous.

“Why doesn’t he get out of his car and instruct people what to do rather than just sitting there filming. It’s cynical money-grabbing.

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“Yet again it’s one rule for them and another for everyone else.”

Lucy Thornton, who lives off Ridley Road and walks past the car every day, said: “I was shocked to see someone lazily toying with his mobile while double parked in a Smart car. There are always lots of empty, safe, perfectly good parking spots on the road, but when I asked him to move to one he told me to mind my own business.”

Richard Lawson, the London representative of the Association of British Drivers, said: “Councils shouldn’t be using these cars in the first place – government guidelines and the Information Commissioners Office both say they should only be used when there is no other alternative.

“But to park on double yellow lines to give out tickets is just bonkers. It’s abuse of process and morally not on.

“Anyone who gets a ticket from these cars should appeal – they will probably win.”

The town hall was unable to say how many PCNs had been issued by the car over the past year.

A spokesman for the council said: “The banned right turn from Cecilia Road was introduced because of several accidents at the site, most of which involved vehicles turning right into Dalston Lane.

“The council’s number one priority is safety which is why a CCTV car has been used to deter motorists from ignoring the clearly marked restriction and putting other road users at risk.

“CCTV cars are allowed to park on double yellow lines if there is no other parking place which affords them a clear view of an accident hotspot. A permanent camera has now been installed at the site.”