Travel news this week for Hackney and Islington

A stock image of traffic

Upcoming road and rail disruptions for Hackney and Islington (September 6-12). - Credit: PA Images

We’ve rounded up a list of events that may affect your travel in Hackney and Islington this week (September 6-12). 


On the weekend (September 11-12) Metropolitan line services will be affected from Aldgate to Harrow-on-the-Hill.

London Overground services will be disrupted from Monday (September 6) to Thursday (September 9). 

On Sunday, Overground services will be affected from Euston to Kilburn High Road until 12pm and after 8.15pm. South Tottenham to Barking will also be disrupted on Sunday. 



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Roadwork delays are likely on Morning Lane from from September 6-10, due to a planned lane closure by Thames Water. 

Planned work is about to start on Ravey Street and a road closure may cause disruption from September 6 until December 17, delays are also likely on Stoke Newington High Street on September 9-10. 

A road closure on Ivy Street could cause delays from September 6-10. 

Traffic is likely on Ermine Mews until Tuesday due to a road closure, on Whiston Road on Thursday and Friday, on Cazenove Road until September 6 and Reedholm Villas until September 24. 

Roadworks on Albion Road means disruption until October 15, as well as likely delays on Homerton Road until September 6. 

Daubeney Road may see more traffic from September 6-11 and travel will likely be affected on Boleyn Road until September 16. 

Bridport Place and Southgate Road will likely see delays until September 13 as will Pitfield Street, Whitmore Road and Hoxton Street until 6pm on Monday. 

Ongoing work on Finsbury Park Road will also likely see delays until October 1. 


A lane closure on City Road will likely cause delays on September 11, from 8am-12pm and ongoing works on Hillrise Road could cause disruption until September 29. 

Delays are likely on Hornsey Road until November 28, Fairmead Road and Highbury Crescent until Wednesday, Liverpool Road Until September 23 and Canonbury Square until September 24. 

A road closure on Tollington Way will likely cause disruptions from September 6-26 and at Tollington Park until October 3. 

Ongoing works on Mackenzie Road will end on Monday just before midnight and there may be more traffic on Offord Road from September 6-13. 

Delays are also likely on Barnsbury Road until September 16, Penton Street until September 10, Dagmar Terrace until September 23, Essex Road until September 12 and Laystall Street until September 20. 

A lane closure on St John Street could disrupt journeys from Tuesday to Thursday next week and roadworks are likely to cause delays on Rosebury Avenue from September 8-20.

Farringdon Road will likely be disrupted until March due to a lane closure and a road closure on Great Sutton Street may cause more traffic until September 30. 

There may also be delays on Berry Street until September 16, Northburgh Street until September 30 and Finsbury Pavement over the weekend (September 11-12). 

Works on Paul Street and Worship Street are set to end at 4pm on Monday.