Islington and Hackney travel news for the week ahead

Several roads in Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets are set to be closed. 

Here are the latest planned disruptions for car, rail and tube journeys in Hackney and Islington this coming week. - Credit: Archant

Here's the latest travel news for Hackney and Islington for the week beginning October 4. 


There are no planned closures affecting Hackney and Islington rail and tube routes this week. 

Though multiple services in other parts of the capital will be affected over the weekend (October 9 and 10), including Moorgate to Kennington on the Northern Line.  



Multi-way traffic control signals could cause disruption on Commercial Street on Wednesday (October 6) and traffic will likely build up on Homerton High Street over the weekend (October 9-10). 

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A road closure in Ebor Street will likely cause delays starting on October 6 until November 17 along with another on East Cross Route on Wednesday (October 6) and Thursday (October 7).

Road closures will likely cause disruption on Ravey Street until November 5, Ashwin Street until October 15, Grosvenor Avenue until October 11, Albion Road until October 15, Finsbury Park Road until March next year  and on Leconfield Road on October 4. 

Water works could cause more traffic on Green Lanes this month from October 6-13 and there will be a road closure on Springpark Drive which could cause disruption until October 7. 

Delays caused by traffic controls could cause delays on Lordship Road until October 31 and on Cazenove Road on Wednesday and Thursday. 

A lane closure due to emergency roadworks may also disrupt journeys on Stoke Newington High Street until October 6 as could traffic controls on Rectory Road from October and Downs Road from October 4-7. 


Traffic control may cause delays on York Way until November 12 and a lane closure on Farringdon Road will continue to disrupt car journeys until March next year. 

Ongoing Old Street Roundabout roadworks will likely cause disruption this week due to some carriageway incursion, 

Road closures may disrupt journeys on Bickerton Road from October 6-7, on Tufnell Park Road until October 7, on Brewery Road on October 10, Frederica Street on October 5, Keystone Crescent from Monday to Wednesday and Margery Street from October 9-24. 

More disruptions are likely over the weekend (October 9-10) on Chiswell Street and on Sunday on Brewery Road. 

There will be a road closures on Wilson Street until October 6, Darlington Street until October 7, Vine Street Bridge until December, Farringdon Lane until October 8 and Herbal Hill until October 5. 

A closure on Paul Street will end on Monday (October 4) and traffic control may cause more traffic on Amwell Street until October 10, Barnsbury Road until October 5, Ronald's Road from October 6-14, Battledean Road from October 6-14 and Lofting Road until October 12.

Multi-way signals may also cause disruption on Liverpool Road until October 19, Downham Road until October 7, Arvon Road until October 5, Liberia Road and Calabria Road from October 7-13 and on St John Street until October 6.

There will also be road closures on Macclesfield Road on and Braes Street on October 8, Frederica Street and Highbury Quadrant on Tuesday, Digwell Street on October 9.

Road journeys on Highbury Grove may also be disrupted until October 8, Andover Road from Monday until October 24, on Tollington Park until October 24, on Hornsey Road until November 28, Crouch Hill until November 8, Hornsey Rise from Monday until Wednesday and on Hornsey Lane from October 4-9.