Trapped swan rescued by RSPCA on canal near 2012 Olympics stadium

A swan trapped on the side of a canal after being separated from her mate has been rescued by the RSPCA next to the 2012 Olympics stadium in East London.

Animal welfare officer Jaspreet Matharu was called to the Lee Navigation canal at Old Ford by a passer-by who spotted the swan trapped on a steep slope behind a metal fence.

Its mate was also distressed and hissing at anyone walking past.

“The trapped swan was trying to get out and was a bit distressed,” said Jaspreet. “The ground was too steep for it get over the fence.”

Jaspreet was able to catch the swan with the help of two security officers from the G4S company’s marine unit who were nearby.

They managed to lift the sawn over the fence to be reunited with her mate on the canal which had been watching the rescue anxiously.

“As soon as we released the swan it jumped straight back into the water,” Jaspreet added.

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Both swans swam off together into the sunset.