Tree bough collapses onto three cars in Lower Clapton

Bough snaps and crashes onto cars parked outside primary school.

TREE surgeons were felled when a mystery BMW driver drove off despite having had a tree collapse on top of it.

A Vauxhall Vectra estate was not so lucky when the bough of a large tree in Benthal Primary School snapped and crashed down onto it in Rendlesham Road, Lower Clapton.

Despite the accident happening at around 3pm on Tuesday August 24, no youngsters were hurt due to the school being empty for summer holidays.

Tony Francis, of M. Parkin Tree Specialists, who made the area safe, said: “When we got the call here I saw a little branch first and thought that must be it.

“I then looked down the road and saw the rest of her. It is one of the worst ones I have seen in a long while.

“The guy was sitting in his BMW when it came down. He drove off but I think he will need a new coat of paint.”