Two men convicted following grisly Stoke Newington kidnap and torture

Two men who kidnapped and tortured two brothers in a terrifying nine-hour ordeal after a business deal went sour were convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday.

Two men who kidnapped and tortured two brothers in a terrifying nine-hour ordeal after a business deal went sour were convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday.

Former paratrooper Anthony Malone, 39, was found guilty of two counts of kidnap, two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of actual bodily harm against victims Mohammed and Haq Narwaz, in offices in Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington.

He was convicted following his extradition from Afghanistan where he fled following the offence - the first ever extradition from Afghanistan to the UK.

Ranjit Gojra, 40, was convicted of two counts of actual bodily harm against the same victims, Mohammed and Haq Narwaz.

The court heard that around the end of 2004, Mohammed Narwaz was involved in a property deal, and a dispute arose around the financing of the deal.

A meeting was arranged at offices in Wilmer Place at 7pm on Friday April 20.

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Mohammed, then aged 27, took along his older brother Haq, then aged 51.

The brothers were invited into an office where Gojra, Malone and another man were standing at the back of the room.

Gojra suddenly shouted that Mohammed owed money.

Gojra and Malone then searched the victims and removed some of their clothing.

Malone used handcuffs to secure their hands and legs.

Mohammed had a hessian sack placed over his head before Gojra punched him in the face.

A hood was placed over Haq’s head before he was also hit and slapped while threats were made.

Malone then poured alcohol over Mohammed’s head and a lit blowtorch was held within millimetres of Mohammed’s right eye.

A hard black jug was produced from a rucksack and used to assault Mohammed.

The suspects told him they used it to torture people.

A silver hammer was used next to hit Mohammed on his legs before he was kicked and stamped on.

Malone then dragged Mohammed into the washroom and forced his head down the toilet. His genitals were whipped with a rope at which point he blacked out.

When he came to, he was back in the office and being hit again by Gojra with the hammer.

A belt was used to further whip both brothers and threats were made against Mohammed’s family.

It was also intimated he would be raped and his ears chopped off.

Finally both victims were manhandled out of the office and shoved into the back of a van.

Between around 10pm and 3am the the following morning, the brothers were driven all over London.

At some point the van stopped and Mohammed was taken out.

He was threatened again to hand over money and felt what he thought was a gun to his head.

Eventually, after driving around further, the brothers were dropped off in a residential street in Chelsea, and later alerted officers in Stoke Newington police station.

They had both suffered extensive bruising and cuts.

After the incident Malone fled to Afghanistan where he committed fraud offences and was jailed in Kabul for two years.

Despite no formal extradition treaty with Afghanistan, he was brought back to the UK in Septemeber 2010.

A plastic cup was swabbed at the crime scene, which revealed a DNA match to Malone, who was then arrested.

A witness statement led to the identification of Gojra and he too was arrested.

Acting Detective Inspector Perry Benton, the investigating officer from Hackney, said the “horrific and prolonged attack” has had a devastating effect on the two victims as well as their families.

“They have displayed great courage during the trial where they were forced to recount every traumatic detail,” he said.

“We hope that today’s result brings them some solace and allows them to move on with their lives.”

Gojra is being sentenced today, and Malone is due to be sentenced on April 3.