Uproar over second consultation for controversial Sainsbury’s Stoke Newington development

Concerns have been raised about the openness of the consultation for the controversial Sainsbury’s development in Stoke Newington.

Green Party campaigns co-ordinator Mustafa Korel is up in arms after he was refused entry to the consultation tent in Wilmer Place for not supplying his home address.

Developer Newmark Properties amended its plans after campaign group Stokey Local pushed them to alter the proposals, and held a second consultation last week.

“Call me old fashioned, but I refuse to sign away my address, especially when there is no data protection statement or a description, in writing, explaining what Four Communications and Newmark Group intend to do with my details,” said Mr Korel who stood as Cllr for the Green party in Hackney Central ward last month.

“These are at odds of my view of what a public consultation should be about which is inclusivity and an open process, rather the intimidation I felt from their employee who stood in my way to block my entry and told me, “I want to know who you are before I let you in.”

Through a statement released by PR firm Four Communications, a spokesman for Newmark Properties said they asked for names and addresses at consutations so they can make sure they are “consulting with people from the local area, so that people can receive more information if they choose to and so that we can help ensure the safety of the public and staff at our events.

“All the attendees at the exhibition so far agreed to do this and we explained the reasons to Mr Korel,” he added.

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Almost 300 people attended the exhibition to see the changes which include making the development car free, providing more new homes, including more affordable units and reducing the size of the Sainsbury’s foodstore by a third.

To find out more about the plans see www.wilmerplace.com