Victoria Park cafe takes battering after egg fowl-up

Chambers restaurant, of Lauriston Road, Victoria Park

Chambers restaurant, of Lauriston Road, Victoria Park - Credit: Archant

Diners were left shell-shocked when a restaurant was found to be passing battery eggs off as free range.

Chambers restaurant, in Lauriston Road, Victoria Park Village, was also found to be selling counterfeit booze following an investigation by the trading standards team at Hackney Council.

The restaurant, which brands itself as Mediterranean, has a menu featuring Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish dishes.

A Hackney Central resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “One should know the difference between battery and free-range eggs because of the price. Hackney used to be a run-down area and over the years it’s become better and better. I don’t like seeing the borough being misrepresented.”

Mother-of-two and Victoria Yum cupcake business owner Kiersten Donohue, of Gainsborough Street, said: “Most people would not expect it. A battery egg costs around six pence while a free-range egg costs 22p.

“I spend a big chunk of money on organic free-range eggs. It’s my most-expensive ingredient but I would not compromise on it.”

A Hackney Council spokesman said: “The council’s environmental health officers carried out an audit of the menu.

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“They advised that action be taken to rectify misdescribed items of food.

“Further visits will be conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with food standards legislation.

“Acting on an anonymous complaint, Hackney Trading Standards visited Chambers restaurant on June 25.

“Following a full inspection some vodka sold on the premises failed a screen test, which identifies the authenticity of branded alcohol. This was immediately disposed with consent from the owner.

“The council will continue to monitor the business to ensure compliance.”

The owner refused to comment.